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" In March 2017,I started looking for a new sport for my 7yr old son and luckily I found BJJ classes at UFC Gym w reasonable price and with awesome instructors. This is where I had the pleasure to meet Leo. A well-educated, passionate, and very patient professor. Due to the dedication Leo has with all his students my son has become more outgoing, less shy and most importantly has learned respect towards BJJ and his teammates. Leo is not only an awesome instructor but an amazing person.My son has built a beautiful bound with him which makes our experience with him unforgettable"  -   Shantal Hernandez   San Diego, Ca


"Professor Leo Ramos has helped me so much in progressing my game as a white belt , from drilling techniques to sparring together I have seen major improvements in my game . From the basics to more advanced fundamentals, Prof Leo makes JiuJitsu fun while challenging me to get me better every session . His deep knowledge and passion for the sport makes working with him . Def something I look forward to each week. "  - Ryan Conroy  San Diego, Ca 

"Coach Leo is a very dedicated and humble Brazilian jiu jitsu instructor that has dedicated his life to teach this amazing martial art. His clases are well balanced and his teachings in the mat can be transferred to everyday day life. Discipline, dedication and humbleness are a few of the many lessons I have learned through the instruction of coach Leo " -  Gabriel Cerezo  San Diego , Ca 

Coach Leo's class teaches you how to defend yourself And fight. He inscribes every move he teaches by continuous drills and step-by-step explanation. He takes care of every student personally and gives them explanations on what to work on next. Coach Leo teaches humility in a fighter which is essential for a succesfull fighter. Not only hes your teacher he will be your friend and have your back every time " - Angel Aguilar -  San Diego,Ca 

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