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         I was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I had my first contact with Jiu Jitsu at the age of twenty one with Master Andre Pederneiras, leader of Nova Uniao Team and President of Shotoo in South America.Andre' is considered one of the the best MMA Coaches still to this day . He built an empire of good fighters giving a lot of people a second chance in life . Mr Pederneiras coaches former UFC Champion Jose Aldo and many others great fighters in the UFC ( Thales Leites, Johnny Eduardo,Poliana Botelho, Leo Santos).

      I left RIO in 2000 to live in San Diego,California and since I knew about Rodrigo Medeiros School and his reputation I decided to visit his academy and become a student . Rodrigo Medeiros is a Black Belt under Carlson Gracie (the same lineage of Andre)and a really good teacher. After three years as a blue belt Master Rodrigo Medeiros promoted me purple belt in October 2004.

       In 2004,I moved to Hawaii to spend time with my long time friend Renato" Charuto" Verissimo 

( Former BJ Penn Coach ). They were both fighting for the UFC at the time. I spent two amazing years on the island of Oahu.Great times !

      In 2008 I was promoted Brown Belt by Master Rodrigo Medeiros and I wanted to focus on my career as a Instructor.I was leading classes at gyms in San Diego and I had the opportunity to run the BJJ program at one of the UFC Gyms franchise in 2014. I was the Head BJJ Instructor for San Carlos location for 2 yrs and in 2016 I went to UFC Gym Mission Valley . As a Coach I witnessed people getting more confident in life, losing weight , becoming more social and changing bad habits .

  I am passionate about what I do and I feel blessed for that. After a few years as a brown belt, sharing my knowledge with my students and passing on his legacy, Master Rodrigo Medeiros promoted me to a Black Belt at BJJ REVOLUTION Headquarters .I felt honored and proud of my accomplishments as a fighter and as a coach.

      I will continue passing on my knowledge and learning from others as well until GOD decides to take me away.   


 -  Leo Ramos 



My BJJ Masters

Rodrigo Medeiros 

Andre' Pederneiras 


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